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The board is very curious if you want to become active for DIOK next season. Therefore, all committees and tasks will be mentioned. Below you will find an explanation of all different roles. If you have any questions or want additional information, don’t hesitate to send a message to

join the board

The board makes sure the association keeps running. It consists of at least the following functions: chairman, secretary, treasurer and chairman Technical committee. In addition, there can be a chairman PR committee and chairman event committee. Taking up a position on the board means you will be active for a whole season. Why would you be part of a board?

1. You will have an incredible time and make a lot of new friends.

2. board teaches you everything your study doesn’t. Skills you learn during your board year can be useful for the rest of your life!


join the Event Committee

The event committee (EC), as you can guess from its name, organizes events! These events are evenly distributed over the year. The EC organizes some fixed events, such as the DIOK-weekend, Christmas dinner, and cocktail drink. Besides the fixed events, there’s enough space to put your own ideas into awesome events. Not only for the participants but also for the committee these activities are lots of fun! A member of the committee spends on average one to two days a month on committee work.


join the ISBT Committee

ISBT is an abbreviation for International Student Badminton Tournament. In short, a tournament that students from all over Europe join, who like to party and play badminton. Many of the participants like to join because it is always being hosted between the 29th and 31st of December. This also means committee members have a minimum delay in their study because the tournament is during the holidays. Being in the ISBT committee is an awesome experience because 1. it’s a lot of fun with each other and the participants and 2. after the hard work you get a lot of appreciation in the form of humorous speeches and hilarious actions during the final party.


join the Gluttel Committee

The Gluttel committee is organizing the tournament each year during a weekend at the end of March/start of April which is approved through Badminton Nederland (Dutch Badminton Federation). Badminton players from all over the Netherlands are joining this tournament. The committee is responsible to organize the tournament according to the determined rules of Badminton Nederland. Next to playing badminton, there will be a party held on Saturday evening. The party always has a certain theme, to which everyone is dressing up. The theme is chosen by the committee. Why is it a good choice to join this committee? You will learn how to plan and organize official matches, furthermore, the party is absolute fun. On average, a member of this committee spends between one and two days a month in the period between November and end March/beginning of April on committee work.


join the BTUTK Committee

The BTUTK stands for the Boes Timp University of Twente Championships. It is a tournament for current and former DIOKkers and people interested in the sport who are registered at the UT. You can compare the tournament with an association championship. It is a small but nice tournament. Do you want to gain experience in organizing tournaments and are not able to invest a lot of time, then this is the perfect committee for you.


become Bar Commissioner

The bar commissioner is the person who makes sure there are DIOKkers behind the bar of the sports canteen when DIOK has a bar shift. To fulfill his/her function, the bar commissioner has a lot of contact with the personnel of the sport canteen. The bar commissioner also does a lot of bar shifts him-/herself. Standing behind the bar sometimes means a lot of work, but it’s also fun because you help people. You also contribute to income for DIOK, as a part of the income of the sports canteen goes to DIOK. On average DIOK does one bar shift per month, which means that the task of bar commissioner takes one or two days of work per month.


join the Website Committee

The website committee makes sure the website of DIOK stays online. Next to that, they take care of all the email traffic of DIOK. The committee takes up very little time but does require some specific knowledge. This makes it extremely important we have enough people who know how everything works. Do you have some experience, or are you interested in joining the committee? Let us know!


join the Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible that the competition runs smoothly, takes care of the beginners training, (general) training, internal competition, special association evenings, raid tournament and external tournaments. The head of the committee is the chairman. This person will also be part of the board. Next to the chairman, the TC consists of three or four other members. Do you like organizing and want to stay up-to-date with what happens in the association then this is the ideal committee for you. The work in the committee will cost you around one day per month.


join the PR Committee

The PR committee was re-established two years back. Their work consists of doing promotion for DIOK, being in contact with sponsors and looking for donors.


join the Advisory Committee

This in 2011 formed committee provides the board and the committees with advice when needed. This can concern various topics. The board of advisory consists of DIOK members who gained a lot of experience during their work in committees or in the board.


join the Auditing Committee

The auditing committee keeps an eye on the work of DIOKs treasurer. This committee will on average once per month visit the treasurer to check the bookkeeping. Besides these evenings of visiting the treasurer, this committee won’t cost you a lot of time. So if you’re good at calculating, know how bookkeeping works and love to check, sign up for this committee.


join the Clothing Committee

This committee currently does not exist, but with the recruitment of a new main sponsor, DIOK wants to renew its clothing line. At first, the focus will be on club shirts, but there are of course many other possibilities (e.g. sweater, shorts, skirt, training pants etc.)! The clothing committee will, therefore, be in contact with the DIOK sponsor, take orders, take care of test clothes and places orders.


help during tournaments

In total DIOK is organizing three tournaments. During these tournaments, a lot of work needs to be done which cannot be done alone by the tournament committee. They need a little extra help. Help can consist of decorating the sportscentre or Vestingbar, cleaning up after a tournament day, organizing the dinner etc. It is a very nice experience, which does not take a lot of time. You are just needed and active during the tournament days. Next to help out, you can also join the tournament.