Welcome at the homepage of D.B.V. DIOK. This website contains all kinds of information about the student badminton club D.B.V. DIOK. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you interested in playing badminton at DIOK? Then join us on a Thursday evening on our club evening! Every Thursday evening from 21:00 till 23:00 you can play against other people. Please say that you’re new to one of our board members (they’re on the stand and you can recognize them by their yellow shirts or their yellow sweaters), and they’ll arrange a racket for you and tell you when the training hours are.

Kick-In 2019

It’s time for the Kick-In!

New in Enschede this year and feel like playing badminton? Come and join us at DIOK!

From 2 September the training starts, if this is your first time you can come to the Sports Center on Mondays at 17:00 to hit a shuttle. More experience with badminton? Join us at the club evening on Thursdays from 21:00 to 23:00. One of the board members or the trainer will look together with you for a suiting training group.  On the 5th of September, we have a ‘new member tournament’. During this tournament, you can play some friendly matches with fellow new members of DIOK. 

More information about joining DIOK can be found here: diok.utwente.nl/en/lid-worden/. With any other questions you might have you can send an email to secretaris@diok.nl. Hope to see you at training or the club evening!


End of the year BBQ

This year the annual BBQ will take place on July 5 and will start around 6:30 PM. This evening we will end the academic year with a nice old-fashioned BBQ together before we will have to miss each other all summer long.So sign up quickly and come party with us !!!



On 1st of april the training won’t take place, but don’t freak out, we already thought of something fun to at least get active that evening!

More information and opportunity to suscribe HERE