Christmas dinner

Also this year, a delicious four-course dinner will be provided by the Event-committee, with fine wine and super entertaining.
The Christmas dinner is going to take place somewhere on December 15th 2017 in probably the already well-known site Speeltuin ‘t Stadveld, Plataanstraat 50 in Enschede.
We want welcome you at 18:30 pm with a little snack and from 19 pm dinner will start.
The cost will be around € 10 excl. drinks (wine / soda / beer) and will be collected through AI. So you don’t  have to bring any money.
So get your prettiest dress or your tightest suit out of the closet and join us!
Name Wine/Beer/Soda/allergies?
 Kerstin Takken Red wine 
Vincent Schut  Red wine 
 Niels Hofman White wine
Thomas Hogeman White wine
Thomas Kneefel Red/White wine
Kira Koppik White wine
Jelle Plomp Beer/Soda
Wouter Couwenbergh Soda
Niek vd Weerdhof Red wine
Elroy ter Huurne Beer
Li Minsi Soda
Rik van der Velde Red/White wine
Dennis van der Zwee Soda
Kay Hoogsteder Red wine
Reinout Wijfjes Red wine
Jeroen ter Harmsel Red wine
Reinier van der Meer Red wine
Amber Red/White wine
Vera Dierx White wine
Roy Kooijman White wine
Michelle Baesjou no meat/no cheese/White wine
Jan Trienes White wine
Timo Red wine
Bas de Ronde Beer
Chris Aarntzen Soda
Dominik White wine
Benjamin de Jonge Red wine
Femke Eckerlin Beer
Lieneke Corzaan Red wine
Alexandra Matei White wine
Lisa Luchtenberg Red wine/Beer
Tina Röhringer White wine
Frank Jacobs ?
Arjan de Roo Red wine
Rob Wildemann Red wine
Ivo Lodewijks Red wine
Maria Nieuwerth White wine
Arjan Slaper Red wine
Afke Red wine
Wesley Anholts Red wine