New Members Diner

Thé annual event for our new members to get to know other new members and  DIOK as a sports association. This event takes place on October 25th. While having diner and enjoying a drink, jou will be introduced to the board, as well as the event-committee, you’ll hear about the activities of the coming year (aside from playing badminton) and your knowledge of DIOK so far will be tested. As example, do you know how often our head-trainer Ron has become national champion in doubles? Or how many times he participated in the Olympic Games? 

In short: Thé event for new members! You can subscribe via the list in sportshall 2 during training, on thursday evenings, by mailing to, or by filling in the form behind this link

So far subscribed:  (update: 24 oktober 2017)

Name Allergies??
Wouter Couwenbergh  
Ulrika Fejne   
Lisa Silver   
Bas de Ronde   
Girindra Wardhan  
 Daniel Tiemessen  
 Jelle Plomp  
Simon Agterhais  
Gijs Roozendaal  
Max van Alphen  
Kevin Kuiper  
Marei Wachter  
 Pan Ying Ling  
 Shantal Kartoidjojo  
 Lisa Silver  
 Dominik Konig Geurreiro  
 Jan Trienes  
Chao Wang  
Marie Mushoff