The Ex-member association of DIOK, OLV Uitgeëikeld, is an active association for and by ex-members. Through the OLV it is easy to keep in touch with DIOK members of your badminton years or to get to know members that joined before or after you. The OLV is in close touch with DIOK. There are about 80 members connected to this association. Every year more ex-members from DIOK join them.

Every year the OLV organizes about 2 events. Next to that the OLV is always present on the BTUTK and at least one other DIOK event. Through the years there have been many fun events like: canoeing on the river Linge, playing squash, wooden farmer shoe golf and a local sport called klootschieten. These events are organized throughout the country, the exact position depends on the organizing people.

The OLV has its own mailing list. On this list you will receive notifications, stories about the OLV and DIOK and information about events. The ideal way to stay in touch.

The OLV:
Chairman: under constructionSecretary: under construction
Treasurer: under construction

Do you want more information or want to become a member? Email to bestuur@olv-diok.nl or visit the new website: www.olv-diok.nl