Friends of DIOK

The “Friends of DIOK” is a group of (old)-members that have a big heart for DIOK. They make the future of DIOK possible by making a annual donation of at least 15,00 euro per year. With these donations DIOK can stay what it always has been; a badminton club where badminton, great times, parties and events go ‘hand in hand’. We are very grateful for these people.

The current “Friends of DIOK” are:
– Ivo Lodewijks
– Winston Yip
– Martin Leppen
– Ruben & Daphne Boere
– Peter & Danielle van Soolingen
– Jeroen van Ingen Schenau
– Frank de Goeij
– Arno Faassen
– Nick Leone
– Jasper Witteveen
– Martin Krikke
– Joanne de Ruiter 
– Benjamin de Jonge en Anna-Alicia Kloss

Would you like to be a part of this? And be kept updated on the current activities and badminton successes? Become a Friend of DIOK! DIOK is always looking for contributors and becoming one is possible from 15,00 euro per year (or more :D) and it’s quite simple, just mail to and we will contact you. 

Of course you will receive something from us as well:
– You will be kept informed of the current activities
– You will receive invites for events and tournaments, like the annual BTUTK and Christmas dinner
– An informal annual gathering will be organized
– Your name will appear on this webpage

We hope to hear from you soon!

The PR-committee:
Dennis Swart
Dennis van der Zwaan
Roy Kooijman
Niels Hofman