Friends of DIOK

The “Friends of DIOK” is a group of (former) members that have a big heart for the club. They support the financial future of D.B.V. DIOK by donating an annual amount of at least €15. Thanks to these donations D.B.V. DIOK can remain in a great position: A badminton club where badminton, friendship, party’s and events go ‘hand in hand’. We are very grateful for these people.

Current “Friends of DIOK”

– Ivo Lodewijks
– Winston Yip
– Martin Leppen
– Ruben & Daphne Boere
– Peter & Danielle van Soolingen
– Jeroen van Ingen Schenau
– Frank de Goeij
– Arno Faassen
– Nick Leone
– Jasper Witteveen
– Martin Krikke
– Joanne de Ruiter
– Benjamin de Jonge & Anna-Alicia Kloss

Become a ‘Friend of DIOK’

Would you like to also financially support the club? ‘Friends of DIOK” are kept updated on the upcoming activities and badminton successes of the club. Next to that, ‘Friends of DIOK’ receive invitations for the annual Christmas dinner and the BTUTK tournament. D.B.V. DIOK is always looking for contributors and becoming one is possible from at least €15 per year.

If you are interested, please send an email to and we will contact you!