Last update 03-05-2023

Rick de Rooij

For the player with the highest winning percentage during the competition. For this trophy, singles count twice. Example: You played 9 matches during the competition, of which 3 were singles. You won 6 of those matches, of which 1 single. For this trophy you then played 12 matches (6 doubles and 2×3 singles) and won 7 matches (5 doubles and 2×1 singles). The resulting winning percentage then is 7/12 = 58,33%. To be able to win the Rick de Rooij trophy, you must have played at least 14 matches in a season. Ties are broken by number of matches played (in which singles count once).

1Dharshan Srinivasan2196.15%
2Parham Ebrahimi2688.57%
3Kiril Sarvanau2786.49%
Volodymyr Ulyanovskyy677.78%
4Anojh Kumaran Rajendra2974.42%
5Mohammed Rizki2674.36%
6Eline Hoekstra1970.00%
7Thomas Kneefel2066.67%
8Marion Fonseca Hoeltgebaum4165.45%
9Lukas Raadschelders2464.52%
10Yee Li Fan (Ellis)2363.33%



For the team with percentagewise the most extension points. For example, when the result of a game is 23-21, a team earned 4 extension points.

1DIOK 22562.159%
2DIOK 12432.101%
3DIOK 42282.008%
4DIOK 32511.678%
5DIOK 52531.352%
6DIOK M12150.881%


Longest winning streak

Random additional stat, for which no trophy is awarded.

Streaks in italics are active streaks.

PosName# Matches
1Kiril Sarvanau17
2Annelien van der Es13
3Dharshan Srinivasan
4Mohammed Rizki11
5Reinout Wijfjes10
5Anojh Rajendra10
7Parham Ebrahimi9
7Parham Ebrahimi9
9Dharshan Srinivasan8
9Leora Pacudan8