Every year after the competition, DIOK awards some trophies, namely:

DIOK10 trophy:

For the team with percentagewise the most extension points. For example, when the result of a game is 23-21, a team earned 4 extension points.

Rick de Rooij trophy:

For the player with the highest winning percentage during the competition. For this trophy, singles count twice. Example: You played 9 matches during the competition, of which 3 were singles. You won 6 of those matches, of which 1 single. For this trophy you then played 12 matches (6 doubles and 2×3 singles) and won 7 matches (5 doubles and 2×1 singles). The resulting winning percentage then is 7/12 = 58,33%. To be able to win the Rick de Rooij trophy, you must have played at least 14 matches in a season. Ties are broken by number of matches played (in which singles count once).

Last update: 02-12-2021

Rick de Rooij





1Thaer Darwish1686.96%
2Volodymyr Ulyanovskyy2185.71%
2Parham Ebrahimi2185.71%
4Jasper Ringoot1080.00%
5Dharshan Srinivasan1673.91%
6Marion Fonseca Hoeltgebaum1870.83%
7Katja Witvers1069.23%
8Minsi Li1866.67%
9Wesley Anholts1560.00%
10Daphne Molenbroek1858.33%






1DIOK 3934.980%
2DIOK 41312.170%
3DIOK 71122.162%
4DIOK 11361.858%
5DIOK 21340.943%
6DIOK 5900.702%
7DIOK M1650.486%

Longest winning streak

Streaks in italics are active streaks

PosNaam# wedstr.
1Volodymyr Ulyanovskyy8
1Parham Ebrahimi8
3Thaer Darwish7
4Thomas Kneefel6
4Wesley Anholts6
4Volodymyr Ulyanovskyy6
4Jasper Ringoot
4Marion Fonseca Hoeltgebaum
9Parham Ebrahimi
9Thaer Darwish5
9Dharshan Srinivasan5