Committees, what are they?

To make sure that D.B.V. DIOK remains the active association that it is, there are several committees that contribute their time to organize or manage one thing or another. All these committees together make DIOK the great club it is. These committees range from some that support the board or help tot keep the training running smoothly to organizing fun activities and tournaments.

Why would you join a committee?

  • Get to know DIOK from a new perspective.
  • Be a part of the structure of the association.
  • Improve your organization skills.
  • Be a president, secretary or treasurer of the committee and develop your skills.
  • Looks good on your curriculum vitae.
  • Receive appreciation from the members.
  • Work together to accomplish a fun and successful event/tournament.
  • Don’t hesitate and contact the board if you have questions, want more information and/or to join a committee!

There are many different committees that all contribute in their own way, from the technical or audit committee to the tournament committees or event committee. For more information about the committees please have a look at the different committee pages. If you have any questions, feel free to either contact the board or the committees themselves.