To arrange all daily businesses within D.B.V. DIOK, there are several committees that have tasks of their own. All these committees together make DIOK the great club it is. We have committees with the function to organize the daily management of DIOK and we have committees with the purpose to organize tournaments and events.   

Why would you join a committee?

  • Work together to accomplish a fun and successful event/tournament.
  • Be a part of the structure of the association.
  • Improve your organization skills.
  • Be a president, secretary or treasurer of the committee and develop your skills.
  • Looks good on your curriculum vitae.
  • Receive appreciation from the members.
  • Don’t hesitate and contact the board if you have questions, want more information and/or to join a committee!
Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is there to arrange all technical tasks within DIOK. One could think of everything concerning competition, training and club nights.
The storage of shuttles and helping out the beginners are also things the Technical Committee does.
To get in touch with the Technical Committee you can email to:

Event Committee

The Event Committee takes care of all the fun stuff within DIOK. They organize activities nearly every month. Click here for more information about these events.
To get in tough with the Event Committee you can email to:


The KasControlCommittee watches over the finances and the treasurer. And makes sure the treasurer is working properly. They report their findings to the board of DIOK and this way any financial problems are known early on.
To get in touch with the Kasco you can email to:


The Bar Commissioner makes sure that all the bar shifts in the sports center are filled, these shifts are filled by members of the bar team most of the time.
You can contact the Barco on this mailadress:
Send an email to the email above if you want to join the bar team and help with the shifts!

Below there is a list of the committees for tournaments and events.

Click on the tournaments/events for more information. If you want to join a committee, please contact the board by mailing to