Sixpack explanation

The Sixpack is the team management game of D.B.V. DIOK. You choose three guys and three girls from several competition teams. This “Sixpack” will be your team for the coming season and will earn points for your team

Selecting the players

First of all the rules for selecting the guys and girls: You have to pick one guy and one girl from the teams 1-2, one guy and girl from teams 3-4 and one guy and girl from teams 5 & M1 (you can find the team allocation here). When done correctly you should have three guys and three girls in your Sixpack. You can order your guys and girls however you want (as long as you don’t swap genders). The order of the players determines how many points they will score for your Sixpack (see ‘Multiplier’)!

Points for winning

For every game a guy or girl wins you can earn points for your Sixpack: 10 points when somebody from your Sixpack wins in two straight games, 8 when winning in three games. When someone of your sixpack loses in three games you will still get 2 points but as soon as one of your players loses in two straight games, too bad: 0 points for you!


The guy and girl you put on the first spot will of course win way more than the players on the second or third spot. That is why we will add some bonus points: all the points you get from the first spot guy and girl will be multiplied by 1,5! For the second guy and girl a 25% bonus is given and the third persons will not yield you any extra bonuses.

Bonus points for crushing

There is also an opportunity to obtain bonus points when players crush their opponents! A crush is when a game is won where the opponent has a maximum of 5 points. 5 points for the opponent yields 2 bonus points, 4 points against your player is a bonus of 4, 3 points is 6 bonus, 2 points is 8 bonus, 1 point is 10 bonus and 0 points gives you a bonus of 20 points!

Bonus points Rick de Rooij- and DIOK10-trophies

For guessing the winner of the Rick de Rooij trophy one can get 50 bonus points, the same holds for guessing the winner of the DIOK10 trophy correctly.
The Rick de Rooij trophy is handed out to the DIOK player who has won the highest percentage of all their matches. With this trophy single wins count double. When multiple players have to share the first spot as they have the same winning percentage, the player with the highest amount of matches played wins (single matches don’t count double here). DIOK members who play less than 14 matches in a competition year can sadly enough not join in the race for the Rick de Rooij trophy. Otherwise you could win one match and then afterwards don’t play anymore so that you have 100%.
The DIOK10 trophy is handed out to the team that has the highest amount of extra points per game. Every extra played point counts along. Thus 30-29 yields a total of 19 extra points while 22-20 only gives 2 (these scores are compared to the normal maximum score of 21-19). Because the DIOK 10 trophy is a team trophy, all extra points obtained by substitutes will count for this trophy.

Giving up and substitutes

Finally: When an opponent is giving up their match (e.g. injury), this will not count as crushing and any substitutes will not count for the sixpack (otherwise you could ask somebody from your sixpack team to substitute so that they can earn more points).