This year’s BTUTK will take place in June, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th.

BTUTK (BOES & TIMP UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE KAMPIOENSCHAPPEN) is an open tournament for all those who own a sportcard (UnionCard/XtraCard/Campus Card). This means students, employees and campus residents are welcome to join, even if they are not a member of DIOK. If you have never played badminton before, this tournament serves as a great opportunity to get to know the sport. You can participate in all categories (singles, doubles and/or double-mix) and play several games against opponents of similar level. Because this tournament is all about fun, losing does not mean you are eliminated. Everyone will play multiple matches (Swiss-ladder system).

Leveled play

  • Level A (sixth division and above; feather shuttles)
  • Level B (seventh- and eighth division; nylon shuttles)
  • Level C (ninth division; nylon shuttles)
  • Level D (recreational & beginners; nylon shuttles)

You can contact the tournament committee via