BTUTK also known as the Boes Timp University of Twente Championships is a tournament for current and former DIOKkers as well as people interested in the sport who are registered at the UT. You can compare the tournament with an association championship. It is a small but nice tournament perfect for those who want to get to know badminton a bit better. You can participate in all types of categories, such as playing singles, doubles, or mixed against opponents of the same level. Due to the fact that this tournament is all about fun and getting to know the sport, losing doesn’t mean that you would be eliminated. 

BTUTK 2022!

After 3 years, BTUTK is back! On June 18th and 19th we will once more contest the university badminton championships. The theme for this year’s BTUTK is Disney’s Beauty and Tarzan and the registration is open now (or alternatively through here if you do not have a badminton federation account)! Note that both you and your partner(s) need to register. We will contest the championship using a Swiss-ladder system. This means that the more matches played, the closer in level your opponents will be. Next to that, there are no knock-outs in this system!
Besides the badminton we also organize a BBQ and pubquiz on Saturday. The pubquiz will logically be Disney themed, so make sure to study hard beforehand 😉 After this we will party until the night ends.

There are four levels of play in the BTUTK, which are listed below

Leveled play

  • Level A (sixth division and above; feather shuttles)
  • Level B (seventh- and eighth division; nylon shuttles)
  • Level C (ninth division; nylon shuttles)
  • Level D (recreational & beginners; nylon shuttles)

Everyone will play multiple matches and we would be using the Swiss-ladder system.


This years costs are as follows:

1st event€9,00
Every other event€6,50

FAQ (to be updated when smart questions have been asked)

When and where does BTUTK take place?

June 18th and 19th in the UT sportscentre.

How do I register?

Registration is possible via . It is needed to make an account for this. It should be possible to leave the fields of ‘club naam’ and ‘lidnummer’, club name and member ID respectively, empty. For playing strength you can choose any. These are not relevant for BTUTK.

It is also possible to register via e-mail. In that case please provide us with your name, name of your partners, which events you will contest, whether you want to join the BBQ (if so, also indicate allergies/dietwishes).

How many events can I play?

You can play at most 3 events, 1 single, 1 double and 1 mixed double. It is allowed to do this at different levels.

What levels are there?

See ‘Leveled play’.

I want to play but I don’t have partners

No problem! You can select ‘Partner gezocht’ or ‘partner wanted’. Where possible we will make couples such that you can play doubles/mixed.

I don’t have a racket, can I borrow one?

No problem. You can borrow one from us. Just bring your student card or ID.

I am not available on Saturday/Sunday, can I join 1 day?

Yes this is possible! Just make sure to inform us, and your partner.

I have another question

No worries! You can send us an email at