There are 2 main stages to signing up with DIOK. Below are the steps to signing up:

  1. Sign up with DIOK:
  • Fill in the registration form and direct debit authorization
    You can fill in the registration form online and either hand in a fill out copy of the direct debit authorization to the board or submit it digitally to, whichever you prefer.
  • Pay the club contribution*
    The description and prices for each membership-type can be found below. They are withdrawn from your account through direct debit once a year. You will be notified two weeks in advance when this happens.
  1. To Sign up with the Sports Centre:
  • Buy a UnionCard
    You can buy one at Students and employees log in with their S- or M- accounts. Externals need to register once. You need to have the UnionCard before you can register to the association, as a Saxion student you can buy one at the desk of the Sports Center. The prices of the UnionCard can be found here and for the CampusCard they can be found here.
  • Register to DIOK on S&C
    Go to you ‘profile’ on the Sports and Culture website and then to ‘Organizations’. Here you choose for D.B.V. DIOK. We will get a confirmation email for your request.
  • Pay the association fee (heffing).
    After you have been accepted you will receive an email with a link to pay the association fee. This is also possible via ‘What’s on offer’ after you select D.B.V. DIOK as the site.
    * Saxion students must pay their association fee at the desk.
    IMPORTANT: currently it is not possible to pay the association fee via the S&C, you can still pay this at the front desk of the Sportscenter. It is still unclear when this can be resolved.

Trouble with step 2 – 4? Please reach out via!

Below you find the contribution costs for this year. The first-time registration fee is € 2,50.

Bar shift

You can get a partial refund (€15) on your contribution cost if you do three bar shifts during the year. More information about the bar shifts can be found here.


Next to the Unioncard and the association fee, you also must pay the contribution (as with all the associations on the UT). The contribution is determined during the GMA. The current prices (2021-2022) are shown below where the number between brackets is the fee in case of a partial refund due to bar shifts.

Description of Memberships

This is a brief description of the memberships. Keep in mind these are the prices from last season, so they are likely going to end up higher this year. The schedules for this year’s training are not yet available, for a general impression last year’s schedule can be seen via this link.

Type of Membership Trainings Level of play** Pricing***
Recreational No training Any level €35,00 (€20,00)
Beginners 1 per week Starting level €55,00 (€40,00)
Training / Competition Nylon 2 per week 8th to 9th Division €86,50 (€71,5)
Training Feather 2 per week 1st to 7th Division €107,50 (€92,50)
Competition Feather 2 per week 1st to 7th Division €128,50 (€113,50)

**The levels of play are based on the Dutch Standardization of levels from Badminton Nederland.

***The bracketed prices are for those that fit the bar shift discount requirement.

IMPORTANT: For half year registrations, the price is halved.