The BTUTK is the yearly Boes Timp Universiteit Twente Kampioenschap, organized by DIOK. Everyone who owns a Union card can participate (students, employees, campus citizens, even if they are not a member of DIOK). Of course many DIOK members play in this tournament. The tournament even has its own veteran class for ex DIOK members.

This tournament will be played via the Swiss ladder system. This means that you cannot be eliminated, this is one of the reasons many players will party hard on Saturday. This will/can be a big influence the next day.

BTUTK (BOES & TIMP UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE KAMPIOENSCHAPPEN) is an open tournament for all those who own a sportcard (Union/Xtra/Campus Card). This means students/employees/and campus residents are welcome to join, even if you are not a member of DIOK. if you have never played badminton before, this tournament serves as a great opportunity to get to know this sport. When you join (singles, doubles and/or double-mix), you will play several games against opponents from similar levels. And because this tournament is all about fun, losing does not mean you are eliminated from the tournament. Everyone will play multiple matches (swiss ladder system).
Of course, we will provide enough rackets to borrow.

The costs for the tournament are as follows:
€10 for the first category entry
€4 for each additional category entry
Optional: €10 for dinner (Saturday)

Please note:
– There will be a party Saturday night in the Vestingbar!
– Because of the Swiss Ladder System, we strive to have multiple matches per person per category. So be aware of this!
– Only Nylon shuttles will be provided during this tournament. Players of higher categories should bring their own feather shuttles!
– In case of too few applications within one level, the organisation can decide to combine two levels!

Level A (first class and above; feather shuttles)
Level B (fifth-second class; nylon shuttles)
Level C (sixth-seventh class; nylon shuttles)
Level D (recreational & beginners; nylon shuttles)
Veteran Level (DIOK-Alumni)

You can contact us via or our facebookpage.
The theme of the tournament will be announced soon via our Facebookpage

The application form can be found by clicking the link below. 

Subscription BTUTK


Jasper Ringoot HA
Niek van de Weerdhof HA
Koen ter Velde HA
Roy Kooijman HA
Corine Janssen HA
Kayla Ho HA
Dennis Swart HA
Thomas Kneefel HA
Reinout Wijfjes HA
Jelle Duives HA
Jurnan Schilder HA
Jurnan Schilder HA
Thomas Houwers HA*
Edwin Arts HA*
Jaap Windt HA*
harm van schaik HA* 
John van Geijtenbeek HA* 
Anvar v a HB
Shakil Bin Zaman HB
Sander Slot HC
Kerstin Takken DA
sugandh chauhan DA
Monique van der Wouden DA
Anne Monsanto DA
Pytrik Riksten DA
Myrthe Buser DD
Leonie Vonk DD


Jasper Ringoot Martin Krikke HA
Thomas Houwers Koen ter Velde HA
Edwin Arts Nils van Kleef HA
Nils Edwin Arts HA
Martijn Slot Maarten Oude Lansink HA
Niek van de Weerdhof Martin Leppen HA
Koen ter Velde Thomas Houwers HA
Roy Kooijman ?? HA
Martin Leppen Niek van der Weerdhof HA
Jaap Windt Edwin van Eijk HA
Edwin van Eijk Jaap Windt HA
Thomas Kneefel Reinout Wijfjes HA
Reinout Wijfjes Thomas Kneefel HA
Jelle Duives John van Geijtenbeek HA
Maarten Oude Lansink Martijn SlØt HA
Maria Nieuwerth Frank Jacobs HA
John van Geijtenbeek Jelle Duives HA
Martin Krikke Jasper Ringoot HA
Anvar v a Shakil HB
Shakil Bin Zaman Anvar HB
Dennis Swart Stef Kleinluchtenbeld HC
Sietse Wessel Nieuwenhuys HC
Michael Bouman Sander Slot HD
Sander Slot Michael Bouman HD
Corine Janssen Amber Emmens DA
Kayla Ho Anne Monsanto DA
Femke Eckerlin Kerstin Takken DA
amber Corine Janssen DA
Dominique Twisk Michelle Huffener DA
sugandh chauhan WANTED DA
Monique van der Wouden Danielle van Soolingen DA
Mandy Nagengast Mirjam Oonk DA
Mirjam Oonk Mandy Nagengast DA
Anne Monsanto Kayla Ho DA
Pytrik Riksten Saskia Haverkamp DA
Tina Röhringer Femke Nab DB
Femke Nab Tina Röhringer DB
Myrthe Buser Leonie Vonk DD
Leonie Vonk Myrthe Buser DD
Denise van Boxtel Tamara Houtsma DD


Jasper Ringoot Femke Eckerlin A
Martin Krikke Katja Witvers A
Thomas Houwers Pytrik Riksten A
Edwin Arts Dominique Twisk A
Nils Kayla Ho A
Martijn Slot Amber Emmens A
Tina Röhringer Frank Jacobs A
Niek van de Weerdhof Kertsin Takken A
Koen ter Velde Anne Monsato A
Roy Kooijman Corine Janssen A
Martin Leppen Michelle Baesjou A
Corine Janssen Roy Kooiman A
Kayla Ho Nils van Kleef A
Femke Eckerlin Jasper Ringoot A
amber Martijn Slot A
Jaap Windt WANTED A
Dominique Twisk Edwin Arts A
sugandh chauhan Jurnan Schilder A
Jelle Duives Monique van der Wouden A
Monique van der Wouden Jelle Duives A
Jurnan Schilder Sugandh Chauhan A
Maarten Oude Lansink Danielle van Soolingen A
harm van schaik Katharina Novikova A
Anne Monsanto Koen ter Velde A
Pytrik Riksten Thomas Houwers A
Jurnan Schilder Sugandh Chauhan A
Tina Röhringer Reinout Wijfjes B
Dennis Swart Kerstin Takke B
Reinout Wijfjes Tina Roehringer B
Anvar v a WANTED B
Shakil Bin Zaman WANTED B
Femke Nab Mark Beerstra C
Kira Koppik Reinier van der Meer C
Reinier van der Meer Kira Koppik C
Maria Nieuwerth Harm vd Velde C
Michael Bouman WANTED D
Myrthe Buser WANTED D
Leonie Vonk WANTED D
Sander Slot WANTED D