Every year D.B.V. DIOK organizes an International Student Badminton Tournament (ISBT). This tournament is held every year on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December. Since DIOK started this tournament over 30 years ago, it has grown to a real phenomenon within the club and within Europe. Every year around 200 players come to visit Enschede and DIOK for this tournament. With players from England, Ireland, Germany, Norway, France, Poland and The Netherlands it can be stated to be very international.
During the day badminton matches are played, most of the time with partners you don’t know yet (the committee sorts out the couples). Every night dinner and a thrilling party on location are organized. With parties in Enschede, Hengelo and of course the old&new party in the VB there is much to enjoy! It is a real social and fun tournament, where you make loads of new friends and simply have the time of your life!

It is crystal clear: This is one of the tournaments you must have visited!

This year’s theme will be:

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