Below are the steps how you can easily become a member of D.B.V. DIOK:

  1. Completely fill in the subscription form and sign this. You can download it here or find this form in the so called ‘Sportzaal 2’ in the Sports Center at the wall in a little basket.
  2. Throw your subscription form into the DIOK-mailbox (on the right next to the entrance desk).
  3. Buy a Union-card or a Campus-card through or in the sports center. Students and employees log in with their S- or M- accounts. Externals need to register once. You need to have the Union-card or the Campus-card before you can register for the association. 
  4. Go to you ‘profile’ on the DMS website and then to ‘Organizations’. Here you choose for D.B.V. DIOK. We will get a conformation mail for your request. After this has been accepted you will receive an email with a link to pay the organization fee. 

Below you find the contribution costs for the year 2015-2016. Subscription fee is € 2,50. When you end your membership after August 1st, a fine will be charged (€ 15).


  • Recreational players (without training): € 39,00
  • Training players with nylon: € 47,00
  • Competition players with nylon: € 52,50
  • Training player with feather: € 72,50
  • Competition players with feather: € 83,50